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Type: Project Consultancy & Landscaping

Location: North Essex, UK

Project build: 2021

Project Manager & Designer: Matthew Dawson


Hard Landscaping: Ryan Foster

Award: Association of Professional Landscapers Awards 2023 'Project value £50,000 - £75,000 Best in category


Brief: 'To design and build a modern kitchen garden, using a variety of useful and edible plants for cultivation year-round.'


'The Pleached Kitchen Garden' is a continuation on from our initial garden project at the property - 'The Windmill' which is located to the rear of the garden. It was important to carry the design elements and principles from 'The Windmill' project through into this garden space at the front of the property. We extended the pathways using coastal red clay pavers, used kahki porcelain for our pleached fruit tree lined patio area and extended the planting into the space immediately surrounding the property. As you enter 'The Pleached Kitchen Garden' you are guided to cross over bespoke cattle grids, walk beneath metal pergolas, and pass by obelisks, raised planters, slate pathways and dipping troughs.


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