Garden Management

This has been an exceptional project thus far, when we were initially contacted by our Client in 2016 to help with a planting plan for a small bed little did we know the work ahead of us. This bed was a mound of soil the height of a bus and the length and width of a tennis court. Following consultation with our client we discussed and formed a plan to create a dry garden.  We imported 25 tonne of boulders, laid cockle shell pathways and carved a walkway into the mound using oak sleepers, once the landscape phase was complete our Horticulturists came in to complete with the planting scheme. The results where pretty impressive and our clients where delighted. 

Fast forward one year and our client had us back for phase II. The former village cricket pitch, a large open space, is now our clients garden and needed creativity. This space was a complete blank canvas, so we took a pragmatic approach and looked at how we can create a garden whilst solving one of the sites biggest issues - drainage. The solution was to install a dry river bed, this cunningly disguised the land drainage channels and soak away we had installed beneath. From this point we could begin to plan the remainder of the garden, large sweeping borders, a big formal irrigated circular lawn, two Koi ponds flanked the extended patio, a rose border and a herb garden. The resulting garden won County Garden Management its fist ever Association of Professional Landscapers award.

Rough Hill, is a very young garden. Many of the new trees are yet to display their true presence adding height, casting shadow and helping to break the large open space up, the perennial wildflower drifts are slowly maturing also with so much more to offer in the years to come. There is a long life ahead of this garden and it has been an incredible experience to have played such a role in it becoming.  Now our horticulturists visit 3 days a week throughout the year to nurture this beautiful space and to support our client in establishing this special garden.