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Type: Project Consultancy, Landscaping, & Management

Location: London, UK

Project build: 2021

Project Manager & Designer: Matthew Dawson


Hard Landscaping: Ryan Foster


Brief: 'To design and develop a garden for a small courtyard in South Kensington, London; at the foot of a protected 165yo London plane tree, Platanus x hispanica.'


Working alongside main contractors, architects, interior designers, arboricultural consultants and other experts in their field, our works were part of the clients extensive property renovations. We liaised with our clients' design team in the UK and internationally, to perfect the design of the garden and materials used in accordance with the plans and designs of our clients' building renovations. The design consists of Belgian blue limestone terraces, yellow paddlestone gabion walls, floating lily pad stepping stones, bespoke trellis, lighting, irrigation and contains a fully integrated audiovisual technology. The Kensington Courtyard is a garden of simplicity, privacy, elegance, verdancy, and consistentcy.


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